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Refurbished PCs

Need a replacement desktop or tower PC for business or home use? Looking for a great hardware and software specification that doesn’t break the bank?

If so, the great news is that Prism Industries has a range of refurbished PCs to suit most needs. Simply request our current listing to see what is available. And, if you would like to know more about our Refurbished PCs, check out the FAQs below:


Q1 – Where do these PCs come from?

A1 – As part of Prism Industries recycling operation we receive hundreds of PCs a month that are no longer wanted by their previous owners. Many of these PCs have excellent specs and are in full working or else have small faults that are easily fixed by our trained staff. In fact we find that many PCs and laptops are discarded for the most minor problems.


Q2 – Do the refurbished PCs come with a guarantee?

A2 –Yes, of course. All our PCs come with a 90-day, RTB (Return To Base) warranty. We thoroughly test each PC before despatch so we already have confidence in the product, but we recognise that you need reassurance.


Q3 – Will the data have been cleaned from the old PC?

A3 – Our first duty is to the customers who use our recycling service and who rely on us to ensure their personal data is completely wiped from their hard disk drives and any other storage devices. This then means that our refurbished PCs will have a completely fresh install of the operating system, to give you a PC in retail condition. In fact it will be even better inasmuch as it will not have all the promotional programs that clutter up your screen.


Q4 – Which operating systems can be loaded?

A4 – The operating system loaded is that shown on the COA sticker on your PC. This will usually have a product key that will demonstrate to Microsoft that this is a genuine copy of Windows software, with all the benefits this bring. It does not stop you buying a copy of a different version of Windows to load on your system if that’s what you want.


Q5 – Do you load any additional software?

A5 – We try and keep everything simple rather than trying to second-guess what your individual requirements are. That’s why the only program we install is Internet Explorer. This means that you can go online using an Ethernet cable plugged into your PC, and immediately start browsing the Internet or downloading your favourite programs.


Q6 – What about drivers and Windows Updates?

A6 – All drivers are loaded for you, and for your absolute convenience we also go online to download the latest updates at the time the PC is built and tested. Although this is time consuming


Q7 – What is the cosmetic condition of your PCs like?

A7 – You should expect to see minor signs of normal wear and tear, such as the odd scratch or mark. Any PC that is particularly unsightly or has signs of physical damage are discarded as not being suitable for our refurbishment program.


Q8 – What does refurbishment involve other than reloading software?

A8 – We ensure that all the internal hardware and connectors are correctly seated and that the bodywork is clean and presentable. Also we take the opportunity to replace the CMOS battery to ensure your date and time will be correct for many more years to come. We also check that he memory is the correct type, so that to ensure you’re getting the optimum performance from your PC.


Q9 – And what PC criteria can I select against when choosing a PC?

A9 – Our listing will show you the following information from which to make a selection:

  • Make and Model
  • Desktop or Tower
  • Operating System and any Service Pack installed
  • CPU Cores
  • 32 or 64-bit operation
  • Hard Disk Drive size
  • Amount of RAM installed

Hopefully this should be sufficient information to make a decision. If you also want a picture of the PC, our helpful staff will usually be able to email one to you.


Q10 – What if I have a particular PC requirement or need more information?

A10 – Available and ready to despatch from our Lambourn workshop in Berkshire, all our PCs are refurbished according to their existing specification. However, we can often increase memory where the PC motherboard will allow us. Other upgrades are also possible. However, do call us first to see if this is possible and there will be also be an additional charge to reflect the cost of these components, fitting and testing.


Like to know more?

If you like what you’ve read about our Refurbished PCs, want to save yourself lots of money, and of course do your bit for the sustainability of the planet, give Prism Industries a call on 01488-72005.

Prism Industries is so committed to energy saving and user efficiency that our phone number is only five digits long (you can dial it quicker than a normal 6-digit number – we try and think of everything :>)

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